About Us

Dental Technology Services was founded as a small laboratory in 1945 by W. M. R. Littlejohn and has remained a family business ever since. When his son, Alex, joined the business at 16 years old the company comprised of only three people. DTS has experienced incredible growth consistently throughout the decades and we attribute this to our ability to constantly stay aware of any new techniques that came onto the market.

Our Directors have travelled extensively; attending international seminars and dental exhibitions and passing on the knowledge they gain throughout our entire business. 

To this day this is the strategy we employ, and this is what gives DTS an edge over our competitors. This has propelled the laboratory to where it is today, with over 100 employees and creating partnerships worldwide.

DTS are more than just a dental lab. Why is this?

Firstly, we place great importance on sharing the unrivalled knowledge of our Directors and Master Technicians with customers. We do this through regular customer seminars and educational workshops on our products and developments in digital dentistry. 

Secondly, we pride ourselves on providing industry-leading adoption of new technology, materials and techniques; whilst also providing our customers with the support necessary to understand new developments in the industry. In this way, we help customers to grow their practice and support their transition to a digital workflow.

With more than 75 years of industry experience, spanning four generations, the DTS team boasts an unsurpassed record of excellence and performance in the realm of dental technology.